The London United Tramways Type 'W' 159

159 is the latest addition to the operating fleet at the National Tramway Museum, entering service after seven years of restoration, funded by the LCCTT, in July 2012.

LUT begun electric operation in West London in 1901 with a large fleet of open top, short canopy, double deck bogie cars with seating for 69 passengers.  All were built to a similar style although they came from three different builders.  The most noticeable features being the unique Robinson staircases, of two short and straight sections at 180 degrees to each other with a 'landing' between.  Body construction included 6 Tudor arch windows per side, and a monitor roof with coloured glass lights. 159 is of the LUT Type W built in 1902 by G.F. Milnes.

The lower saloon of 159 was discovered at Ewhurst Green, Surrey in 1978 serving along with two others as living accommodation. It was acquired and stored by the LCCTT for future restoration. The restoration to original condition by the National Tramway Museum's own workshop is  complete and 159 is now a welcome addition to their operating fleet. As well being the only example of a tram with this type of staircase 159 has been restored to include the 1902 luxurious finishing to the lower deck, curtains; carpet; padded seating and inlaid walnut ceiling.





Picture of 159 in service at Hampton Court tram terminus.

Taken from commercial postcard