LTPB 1622


1622 is a former LCC fully enclosed tramcar of 1912. Manufactured by Brush of Loughborough, it spent its entire service life working from Poplar depot until withdrawal to Hampstead depot during 1940. The body was subsequently taken to Hampshire, where the lower saloon was found extant but derelict in 1970. This was returned to London in 1981, where restoration took place. An upper deck was also recovered, and following some dismantling, storage and preparatory work in London, this was sent on to Crich for restoration prior to the arrival of the lower deck. The two decks were successfully united during 1994, and the remaining work on the car and trucks was completed during the following three years. 1622 was launched at Crich in 1930's 'rehabilitated' condition on 5th July 1997, on the 45th anniversary of the closure of London's tramway system.

1622 is now the only working example of the largest class of tramcars from anywhere in the UK, as over 1,000 E/1 class cars saw service in London. The only other surviving E/1 is 1025 which is a static exhibit in the LT Collection