Background to the Trust


The London County Council Tramways Trust is a registered charity (No 298606) dedicated to the restoration of London tramcars and London tramway artifacts. There is no formal membership, those who donate, either financially, physically, or give items for sale or archive use to the Trust become ‘members’ receiving a regular newsletter, The Belvedere Echo.

The Trust was formed in 1966 as 'The LCC 106 Project' which evolved into the 'London County Council Tramways Trust'. The objective at that time was to restore to full working condition a former LCC B class open top tramcar, No 106, of 1903. That project was completed in 1983 at the London workshop of the Trust at Bonwell Street, Bethnal Green, the restoration works being carried out by the Trust’s own volunteer labour.

Work on the Trust's second project commenced in 1983 following the earlier discovery in 1970 of the lower saloon of LCC 'E1' tramcar No 1622. Fundraising, this time in the name of the Trust, allowed restoration to commence in 1983

In 1995, the Trust had to vacate its workshops where work had been carried out for some 25 years. Despite great efforts to find alternative affordable accommodation, nothing could be found. A reluctant decision was taken to cease practical restoration work, and concentrate efforts on fund raising for the continued restoration of the several remaining London trams yet to be returned to service at the National Tramway Museum, Crich, Derbyshire.

The restored lower deck of No 1622 was transferred to Crich where the upper deck and other works were completed in their Conservation Workshop. No 1622 entering service alongside No 106 in 1997.

The Trust's current project is London United Tramways No 159 the body of which was found in Surrey in 1978. Restoration work, again fully funded by the Trust, commencing at Crich in 2005, with completion expected during 2012. Progress reports on the restoration will appear on this website.

There are currently a further three London trams which, subject to funds, are likely to be restored in the long term. Each is described in the Future Projects page.

To assist in fundraising the Trust set up a separate trading company LCCTT (Promotions) Limited. New books, prints and DVD’s related to road transport are available by mail order. A well stocked sales stand attends the annual Festival of Model Tramways and occasional events at the East Anglia Transport Museum offering not only new items but previously used books, photographs, models and other transport memorabilia.

A donation form and sales list are included in this website.

The Trust is always interested in receiving collections of transport related items to provide stock for the sales stand and for our London tramway archive collection.